Thousand and one islands, Deulonder solutions

The islands are an ideal resource to take advantage of the central space of the kitchen. We propose to review six Deulonder solutions.

The kitchen is not a dance floor. If we have a large kitchen, all the central space is lost uselessly creating a sense of unpleasant emptiness. As a consequence, both for an aesthetic question and for the use of space, it is advisable to put an island. The islands help to better organize the different functions that are carried out in the kitchen, be it preparing food, cooking, washing dishes, etc. Depending on the size of the room, you can play with the size of the island and its shape. The basic thing is that around it is recommended to leave a space of at least 80 cm wide to be able to pass without problems and a maximum of 110 cm so that it is comfortable to use.

In this kitchen open to the garden, with furniture of a warm taupe color, the island has a sink to prepare food. For the previous part has a bar to eat informally with a couple of stools while watching comfortably the TV hanging on the wall.

In this magnificent compact island with envelopes and stainless steel fronts you can do everything: prepare food, cook with different modules, wash thanks to a water point and the dishwasher and, finally, eat informally in a bar with two stools It is a compact island located in a large open kitchen in the living room, with a modern design that combines with the warmth of the wooden parquet and soft lighting.

Island that, from an aesthetic point of view, reinforces the American air of the kitchen. You just have to see the molded corners. The island is intended as a food preparation area with a water point, and the storage space is maximized with several rows of boxes on both sides.

In the case of this kitchen, which was presented at Casa Decor Madrid in 2016, the island hosts the washing area with the main sink and the dishwasher. On the other hand, the space is also used and drawers and decorative shelves have been arranged to put the most used products and have them at hand.

The island is a versatile space that adapts to the needs of kitchen distribution. In this case, the island serves to put the microwave, to the left of the bar to eat. The side is used to put a bar to hang the rags.

The island does not always have to be conceived as an auxiliary space to perform the tasks of the kitchen. In this case, for example, the central island, together with the rest of the furniture, is used as a table to eat on one side, while on the other it contains practical drawers.

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