World stores: The hollandese «Dille & Kamille»

Interior and exterior decoration objects, all of refined taste, is what you will find and Dille & Kamille, a store that Deulonder recommends this Christmas

Dille & Kamille is a chain of decoration stores located in Holland and Belgium that opened in 1974. In total, they have up to thirty stores spread across the two countries. Lluïsa Deulonder recently visited the one located in The Hague, Holland, and which is representative of the trend of this house for simplicity and natural materials, sharing the same philosophy as Deulonder, who designs kitchens where the home component, warm and Natural is very present.

Dille & Kamille commitment to simplicity and natural materials

In Dille & Kamille you can find all kinds of menage objects for the kitchen, with a wide assortment of spoons, knives, all kinds of unimaginable cutlery and cooking and baking utensils, crockery and vases, cutting boards and mortars of all kind. They have such curious objects as, for example, a small glass insect trap, a stainless steel spoon to boil eggs or a stainless steel soap to remove odors when cooking with garlic and fish. They also have a large assortment of textiles – clothes, tablecloths, aprons, etc – as well as books and cookbooks, notebooks and book stands.

On the other hand, Dille & Kamille sells gourmet products with a good assortment of teas, coffees, all types of spices, sauces and jams, oils and vinegars. Deulonder has especially paid attention to the packs prepared to cook pasta and rice, nice bags that include the recipe, the materials for cooking and the necessary equipment, ideal to encourage anyone to prepare some good spaghetti with pesto.

The garden and the bathroom are other parts of the house that are also contemplated in this decoration shop that also dedicates a section to stationery and toys. In this section, it is worth mentioning the range of kitchen utensils for children, with aprons, molds and reduced size equipment so that the youngest of the house can learn to cook.

On theDille and Kamille website you will find all the products that can also be purchased online.

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