Williams Sonoma, an essential destination for cooking lovers

Within the summer series «Kitchen Shops of the World», we recommend this one specializing in kitchenware and selected food products


Williams Sonoma is an American chain of stores specializing in kitchen-related products created by Charles E. Williams in 1956. The store quickly attracted attention and began to be frequented by figures such as chefs Julia Child and  James Beard. It was in 1972 that Williams created a corporation and expanded the company. Today it has numerous centers throughout the country (625) but the company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California. On this occasion we have visited one of the centers located in Cambridge, Boston.

At Deulonder we like to dress our kitchens and interior decorations with the most select objects. For this reason we recommend the address of Williams Sonoma as essential if you travel to the United States. There are multiple stores and it is easy to find one close by. Sonoma retails kitchen utensils of all kinds with an original and sophisticated design. They are usually very practical kitchen utensils with careful aesthetics. You can also find the best brands in the field of kitchenware and tableware.

The taste of North Americans for pastry in a big way is known worldwide. In this sense, in Williams Sonoma you can find all kinds of devices to prepare the best cakes, as well as exclusive ingredients.

Another section is dedicated to the art of preparing cocktails: here you can find all kinds of accessories and utensils that will help you achieve the best combinations. You can also find concentrates of all kinds of cooking foods, as well as the most select teas.





For more information, you can consult the Williams Sonoma.‘s web.

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