World stores, the Suiss chocolatier Läderach

Switzerland is a country known, among other things, for preparing the best chocolate in the world. Deulonder visited the Läderach house in Geneva, a dream for cocoa lovers



In Deulonder we like to visit the best shops related to cuisine and gastronomy all over the world. In the case of Switzerland, we went to find, of course, a good chocolate shop and we decided on Läderach, a store with a great presentation that almost looks like a jewelry store. Läderach was founded by Rudolf Läderach in Glaris in 1962 and since then his descendants have taken care of the business, which has been growing and expanding over the years. One of the highlights of the history of this confectionery was when Läderach invented in 1970 the mechanical way of manufacturing truffles of which they have the copy right. The 2013 brought out a new star product: the Mini Mousses Läderach, small chocolate capsules with a tender and delicious heart that literally melts in the mouth. They are sold by weight and also in assorted boxes. One of the particularities of Läderach is that they sell the chocolate in bulk in large tables that start according to the desired quantity. There are all kinds, with lacasitos, rice, hazelnuts, milk, hazelnuts, white chocolate … it’s a delight!

Of course, they also sell chocolates by weight, which can be combined according to taste in transparent pouches. Others, in the shape of a heart, are wrapped in bright colors, and are ideal for giving to children.


For the Christmas holidays Läderach proposes all kinds of chocolate figurines, such as a reindeer that recalls the Catalan Easter cakes. The also have  stars, threes made of chocolate with hazelnuts.

Läderach has stores spread throughout Switzerland, Germany, northern Italy and even in Japan. You can also buy products in the store  on-line. They will be able to find very sweet and tasty gift ideas.

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