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If you are interested in a Deulonder project, you can arrange an interview with the decorator in our exhibition or online. To speed up the design process, it is recommended to provide a dimensioned plan of measurements and photos of the space, as well as a selection of photos with your preferences.

The preliminary draft consists of:

Study and distribution of space with photos to propose ideas

Estimated budgets

Kitchen preliminary cost: € 500

First plan cost of ironing or quarter pantry: 300 €

Cost of taking measurements and drawing up: € 300

In case of carrying out the project these costs are deductible from the final invoice.

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If the proposal deserves approval, we will move towards the final project. To do this, you must make a forecast of funds of 10% of the estimated value, as a project cost, non-refundable.

The proyect consists in:

Construction visit and taking of measures

Distribution and elevations plant

Proposal of furniture interiors with photos

Installation, plumbing and electricity plans

Proposals of materials and colors

Lighting proposal

Detailed budgets

Realization of two renders *

In this section all the possible options will be studied until they deserve their final approval.

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In this budget we will enclose the final delimited plans and a detailed list of all the contracted materials and services, as well as the sales conditions and delivery times. Once the budget has been accepted and signed, we will take charge of the integral realization of the project.

More than thirty-five years of experience support us in terms of process efficiency and compliance with quality and efficiency expectations.

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